Steven Rodriguez


Student U High School Program Coordinator



Steven's primary responsibilities are:

Steven is responsible for enhancing opportunities regarding enrichment, career development, and community engagement for our high school students. He will also be responsible for co-supervising/supporting our team of part-time high school staff! 

Steven's Why:
I value fighting for what you believe in and being a change agent in my community. I love inspiring others to believe in themselves as much as we believe them! Student U is a FANTASTIC organization that not only sets goals beyond imaginable belief but, collectively as a team, they make their dreams become a reality for their students and families! Student U provides a wraparound support system for their students AND families, and I absolutely love that. I invest in Student U because I have the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals with the overarching goal of empowering youth in our Durham community!

Steven outside of Student U:
I’m a dog dad to two spunky corgis (Baloo and Chance), so I’m more than likely causing a ruckus at the house with them. I love watching T.V. shows and movies with my wife, and, of course, our needy corgis. I’m a HUGE sports fan; whether I’m playing, watching, or reading about sports, it’s always on my mind. I love listening to music and going to any and all concerts! 

Advice Steven finds valuable:

“We don’t quit. We don’t cower. We don’t run. We endure and conquer.” - Kobe Bryant



University of Oregon

Course of study:
Bachelor of Arts degree in Family and Human Services

Professional accomplishments:
I founded and operated the very first mentorship program at the high school I attended in Oregon! I was blessed with the opportunity to work with 12 outstanding Latinx students, and I am proud to say that, together, we built a family. 

Student U start date:
December 2021