Reko Daye

Reko Daye - High School Program Coordinator

Student U High School Program Coordinator



Reko's primary responsibilities are to support our High School students towards graduating college successfully and construction a post high school plan for themselves. Making sure they are not only checking off the needed boxes but doing so in a way that fit with their goals in mind.  He is also able to supply them with workforce and professional development through our summer internship program.

Reko's Why:
I value the opportunities to provide those in need with the resources, guidance, and knowledge needed to accomplish the dreams someone has created for themselves.  Being able to assist our youth in ways that weren’t available for me growing up is what drives my work at Student U.  I invest in Student U because it allows me to eliminate obstacles/distractions from our youth in the Durham community from accomplishing their goals.

Reko outside of Student U:
I spend a lot of my time mentoring youth through different outlets within the community.  I also provide opportunities for youth who are interested in photography to explore those interest further.

Advice Reko finds valuable:
One piece of advice I have found would be that “Purpose Fears No Environment”.  Knowing this has allowed me to take a unique approach towards developing relationships with students and assisting them throughout their journeys.  I know this is something that I have been called to do, so I need to perform within this space to accomplish the overall mission.

It has also provided the youth I interact with to become more confidence in themselves and the things that they enjoy.   Just because what they like is different, or what they want to do has been done, doesn’t mean its impossible.  Stand strong in an environment you are in and believe in yourself.



University of North Carolina Greensboro

Course of study:
Kinesiology (Pre-Physical Therapy) and Nonprofit Management Certification

Student U start date:
February 2019