Muriel A. Smith

Muriel Smith
Muriel Smith
Muriel Smith 5

Student U Program Director

phone: 919-697-8627  •  email:


Muriel's primary responsibility is ensuring high-quality programming, developing the leaders who implement our programs, serving as a liaison at the intersection of our families and programming, and maintaining a strong staff culture in our organization.

Muriel's Why:
I believe that people are worth investing in and I believe that life is best lived in community. For these reasons and many more, I am drawn to do the work of pursuing equity in education at Student U. Here, we leverage the strengths of our students. We affirm their giftings and thoughtfully support them in the ways that they are growing. We make room for them to develop their sense of themselves and the ways they want to contribute to this world. 

Muriel outside of Student U:
I love most outdoor activities- kayaking, biking, leisurely hikes, etc. You can find me on the weekends at the Eno River or at Jordan Lake. While I was at Jordan High School I took a clothing and apparel class at Jordan High School where I learned how to sew an apron and a hoodie! Recently, I’ve gotten back into sewing and I can make tops and pants!

Advice Muriel finds valuable:
Protect your creative health.



University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Lipscomb University

Course of study:
B.A. International Studies; Global Economics, Trade, and Development Concentration and M.A. Instructional Practice

Professional accomplishments:
In 2010 I won the Sam Kimberg Joy to the World Award

Student U start date:
June 24, 2019 (though I began working at Student U as a teacher in 2010!)