Luke Carman


Student U Middle School Program Coordinator

phone: 984-377-3270  •  email:


Luke's primary responsibility is to supervise all aspects of middle school programming. Specifically, that’s running our year-round after-school program for all middle schoolers, and our summer academy. Luke's job involves lots of connections with Durham Public Schools - meeting with teachers, counselors, parents, and staff to work to support our students. He also manages the recruiting and training of all of our new summer staff.

Luke's Why:
Schools are where society creates itself. Student U is invested in changing education for students in DPS because Student U is invested, at a systemic level, in creating a more just and equitable society.  Student U helps students grow into their full selves, while also working to dismantle the racist and other unjust systems that prevent that realization from happening. I value how reflective and honest Student U is as an organization: who it is now, what Durham is now, who we hope to be, and who we hope Durham grows to be. I value growth, reflection, persistence and a commitment to collective liberation for others as well as ourselves.

Luke outside of Student U:
I grew up in Rochester NY and moved to Durham after living for 12 years in Chicago and hold both places deep in my heart. I love to spend time outside of Student U with my family (my spouse Andi and our 2 cats, Erie and Eno) at home, reading and watching movies, and following both local and national politics. Andi and I love traveling: around North Carolina visiting state parks, and around the country and world, particularly enjoying cosmopolitan cities.

While I’m no longer in the classroom, I’m still very passionate about developing, nurturing, and inducting new teachers into the profession (particularly in math!) while also working to create a more sustainable and supportive work environment for those teachers through collective action and organizing.

I love to play and watch soccer. I’m a big sports fan, and I love the Chicago White Sox, Tottenham Hotspur, the US National soccer teams, and Syracuse Orange basketball.

Advice Luke finds valuable:
No matter how well planned you think you are, there is always more to prepare for. (And the better you prepare for the expected, the more you’ll be ready for the unexpected)



Other organizations Luke is involved with:
Durham Association of Educators, Durham Atlético, Prison Books Collective

University of Chicago

Course of study:
Sociology and Masters of Arts in Teaching (Endorsements in Middle School Math, Middle School Social Studies, ESL, Elementary Education)

Professional accomplishments:
I’ve worked as a middle school teacher for 6 years, and counting graduate work and Student U, I am entering my 10th year as a middle school educator as of fall 2019. I’m incredibly proud that my middle school career is now almost old enough to start middle school itself.

Student U start date:
July 5, 2017