Lonnie Kendall


Student U Middle School Program Coordinator

email: lonnie.kendall@studentudurham.org


Lonnie's primary responsibilities are creating day-to-day logistics of the middle school year-around and summer programming. In addition to the logistics, he is encouraging students to grow and become better than they were yesterday, guiding a part-time staff of great middle school teachers and advocates, and helping create a more equitable Durham one day at a time.

Lonnie's Why:
I believe everyone deserves an equitable education. I believe in inspiring the generations that come after me and molding them to become great people. Family is everything and at Student U we are like family.

Lonnie outside of Student U:
I live out my values outside of Student U by helping and inspiring young people in my family. I Like to be active and ensure I am taking care of myself. I also am looking into doing woodworking to create things and watch them grow.

Advice Lonnie finds valuable:
Don't be the one to look at the trash, be the one to help clean it up.



Central Christian College of Kansas

Professional Accomplishments:
Sam Kimberg Award

Student U start date:
August 15, 2022 (started as a student in June 2009 and became a part-time employee in 2019!)