Kyle Gouchoe-Hanas


Student U Social Work Intern



Kyle's primary responsibility is c
onnecting students and families with mental health/wellness resources in the community, developing a 7th-grade Wellness & Empowerment peer-group curriculum, Parent Programming.

Kyle's Why:
Over the last three and a half years as a coach, teacher, and advisor, I have seen pieces of the heavy loads my students carry. In response, I strive to be present, to make space for them to think and speak, to be in conversation with them, and to make them feel seen and heard throughout this time of most profound change in their lives within an ever more tumultuous world. Sometimes their struggles go beyond that which I can support in the context of my role as a teacher, which has led me to explore a degree in social work. As a Social Work Intern at Student U, I get to continue working in the sphere of education, for an organization that supports the whole child and family in all the aspects of their journey towards educational attainment including mental, physical, social, and emotional wellbeing. 

Kyle outside of Student U:
Choosing a profession based in public service is essential for me. Equally essential is the acknowledgment that the need for service is a direct result of the barriers left by injustice. With this in mind as a social worker, coach, tutor, athlete, artist, and friend I hope to advocate for a more caring and just community while helping individuals, groups and families find mental, physical, social and emotional wellbeing.

Advice Kyle finds valuable:
Be a steward of your own resources.



Other organizations Kyle is involved with:
I run an online program called Young Womxn’s Wellness - a peer group for adolescents focused on mental, physical, social and emotional wellness.
I am a full-time graduate student at UNC in the MSW program.

Smith College (Northampton, MA)

Course of study:
Studio Art, Education & Child Study

Professional accomplishments:
I started a middle school girls basketball team at a school that did not otherwise offer sports for girls and we won the conference championship.

Student U start date:
August 2020