Korinna Edwards

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Student U High School Program Coordinator

email: korinna.edwards@studentudurham.org


Korinna's primary responsibility is to oversee a caseload of advocates, students, and the tutor coordinator. She also works with a team for teacher recruitment and the planning of Summer Academy.

Korinna's Why:
I believe every student in Durham deserves the chance to be who they dream of being. I will work hard to make sure our students can overcome any obstacles in their way. Students and families will have my total support in reaching their goals.

Korinna outside of Student U:
When I’m not at work, I like to spend lots of time with my family- my husband and my daughter. Being outside makes me the happiest, along with traveling, eating good food, and watching movies. Volunteering and helping others really makes my heart soar!

Advice Korinna finds valuable:
Listen and learn.



College of Charleston

Course of study:

Student U start date:
September 2022