Joy Wright

Joy Wright

Student U Student and Family Support Services MSW Intern



Joy's primary responsibility is counseling middle and high school students on emotional wellness and mindfulness.

Joy's Why:
Student U has become apart of my journey for over 10 years. I invest in the Student U community because of the values installed in me as a former student in the program. Becoming my best self, striving for greatness, and making a change in my environment are key values I carry with me on my journey through life.

Joy outside of Student U:
Becoming my best self is a value I live by when doing hobbies such as dance and softball. Hobbies help me to perform self-care when I’m overwhelmed or I need an outlet. While in school I strive to greatness as I come to the last semester of my Masters Program. I’ll strive to walk across the stage of graduation. Making a change in my environment consists of me participating in volunteer work in the Durham community.

Advice Joy finds valuable:
A piece of advice I find valuable is A narrow focus brings big results. The number one reason people give up so fast is that they tend to look at how far they still have to go instead of how far they have come. But it's a series of small wins that can give us the most significant success.



North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University

Course of study:
Bachelors of Social Work

Student U start date:
August 26, 2019 (really as a member of the first class of students it was 2007!)