Hannah Akpaete


Student U Associate Director of Middle School Programming

email: hannah.akpaete@studentudurham.org


Hannah's primary responsibility is to develop and oversee high-quality daily after-school & summer programs using innovative strategies to best engage students towards academic and personal well-being success.

Hannah's Why:
I value community, loyalty, and justice. I believe that we grow and learn exponentially about ourselves while in community. We are a force when we are together. I chose to invest in Student U because we are committed to supporting not only each student’s academic and personal journey but also their family and the Durham community we live in. 

Hannah outside of Student U:
Outside of Student U I spend tons of time with my loved ones, going bachata dancing, and participating in outdoor activities.

Advice Hannah finds valuable:
"Broken crayons still colour the same" - Trent Shelton 



Wake Forest University

Course of study:
B.S. in Health & Exercise Science 

Student U start date:
June 21, 2021