Haillee Mason

Hailee Mason - Development Associate

Student U Development Associate

email: haillee.mason@studentudurham.org


Haillee's primary responsibility is grant writing, reporting, and strategy. She is also laying the foundations for a grassroots fundraising strategy and integrating a culture of giving into Student U culture.

Haillee's Why:
I came to Student U because I believe that another world is possible. This work that I do commands me to be present, be strong, and to show up for a future that I must believe, and work, and fight into existence.It is my belief that lifting up, protecting, and defending black and brown children and their futures is fundamental to this vision. As the systems around them conspire and collude against them, it is my pleasure to do this work in the service of their hopes and dreams.

Haillee outside of Student U:
Traveling to countries rich with African Diasporic history, tradition, food, and music. Hiking. Painting. Being crafty. Cooking food to share with friends and family.

Advice Haillee finds valuable:
Try again. Revisit. Restart. Rethink. Fail. Start over. Speak, even when you’re terrified.




Course of study:
BA in Gender Studies, African Diaspora Studies, and Global Human Rights

Student U start date:
February 1, 2018