Family Heads

Student U After-school Instructors

2019 YRP Family Heads



After-school Instructors work Monday through Thursday throughout the school year with the same group, or “family,” of 10-15 middle school students, acting as an academic coach and support for students. After-school Instructors work closely with schools, tutors and Student U staff to ensure that all of our students are receiving the support, intervention, and enrichment that they need to be the most successful academic, emotional, and social versions of themselves during the school year.



2019-2020 Middle School Family Heads:

6th grade:
Chris Goodson
Dionte Hardy
Dannet Morales Herrera
7th grade:
Tivianna Webster
Connor Kirkpatrick
David Conlin
Alejandra Gomez
8th grade:
Jaia Grady
Lonnie Kendall
Creative Studies/DSA:
Selena Wagner
Maureen Joy/Triangle Day School:
Breanna Burch