Elise Sharpe

Elise Sharpe - Development Director

Student U Development Director

email: elise.sharpe@studentudurham.org


Elise's primary responsibility is connecting with the many investors, advocates and partners of Student U.

Elise's Why:
I value authenticity and progress.  I invest my time in Student U because I believe that all humans hold incredible value and potential.  This world does not yet reflect that truth back to every group of people, and so we, hand-in-hand with our students and teachers, are pushing forward to build that better world.

Elise outside of Student U:
Outside of Student U, I can be found instilling a love for people and learning in my son Micah.

Advice Elise finds valuable:
Through my time in the middle school classroom to today at Student U, I have found that we have much to learn from our students if we’ll just be quiet and listen.



Other organizations Elise is involved with:
Christ Central Church

Duke University

Course of study:
B.A. Public Policy

Student U start date:
November 9, 2016