Elena Maina


Student U Chief Program Officer

phone: 919-295-6114 email: elena.maina@studentudurham.org


Elena's primary responsibilities are to translate the long term goals of the organization into programming and to lead the strategic improvements of Student U’s pipeline of services.  In addition to overseeing future program development, she serves as an external representative for the organization and collaborates with Student U leadership on strategic planning activities.

Elena's Why:
I value the diversity and beauty of human experience.  No two human souls are the same, and we all have different needs and dreams for our lives.  I chose to work at Student U because this organization supports individual expression by deeply investing not only into each student’s academic life, but into their personal well-being and family life, too.  Student U views each student as the whole asset to their community that they really are.

Elena outside of Student U:
When I am not at Student U, I am usually playing indoor “monster tag” with my little ones Maria and Elián or hiking outside with my college sweetheart Andrew.

Advice Elena finds valuable:
Students, don’t be afraid to fail!  Because there is no one exactly like you, your existence is crucial and immensely valuable.  This value does not diminish because of a failure.



Other organizations Elena is involved with:
Teach for America Alumna (Phoenix 2010)

University of Florida and Arizona State University

Course of study:
Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, Bachelor of Arts in English, and Master of Education in Secondary Education

Student U start date:
January 7,  2019