Derrick Beasley

Derrick Beasley - College Success Coordinator

Student U Senior College Success Coordinator

phone: 919-949-0076  •  email:


Derrick's primary responsibility is to support Post-Secondary matriculation. He helps College students build connections on campus and community. He builds systems for college and college-age program participant students to lead and thrive.

Derrick's Why:
I value community and I value time spent building a more just and equitable world. I invest my time in Student U because the organization is committed to doing this as well. Student U is also committed to growth and challenging itself to be more in-tune with the pulse of the community it's a part of.

Derrick outside of Student U:
I spend a lot of my time outside of Student U using my artistic and space making abilities to manifest my values. I can usually be found organizing some activity or space or creating visual art that contributes to the liberation of Black people in Durham.

Advice Derrick finds valuable:
Seek to understand before seeking to be understood. Students hate when you have all the answers and preach to them...In fact, they usually have the answer but need help facing it. Seeing our students' humanity and power, verbalizing it showing it through our engagement with them is usually enough to guide them towards realizing their biggest dreams for themselves.



NC A&T SU and Georgia State University

Course of study:
Sociology and Masters in Public Administration

Student U start date:
October 3, 2015