Cynthia Vargas


Student U Data Manager



Cynthia's primary responsibility
is to establish and oversee the maintenance of a comprehensive electronic data platform to meet programmatic needs. Analyze and present findings on data internally and prepare data to be presented to a wide range of internal and external audiences, including donors, parents, and community members. In collaboration with the Finance & Human Resources Manager, manage federal and state grants reimbursement.

Cynthia's Why:
My values align with Student U in believing that all children deserve a high-quality education regardless of their race, religion, language, or socioeconomic background. I believe that every child has the potential to be a leader when presented with opportunities and prepared with the necessary life and educational skills to do so. Student U is a stepping stone to reaching that goal but not only to make an impact on students but also on the Durham community. 

Cynthia outside of Student U:
Pre-Covid, I was a member of a bachata dance team. I enjoy spending time with family and friends but also enjoy spending alone time with a good action or comedy movie. My favorite place to zen is by the ocean during hot summer days. 

Advice Cynthia finds valuable:
Always assume the best. 



Professional Accomplishments:
I have 11 years of experience working in the Durham community and the last 7 years in education. 

Student U start date:
July 2022