Cynthia Vargas


Student U Community Health Worker



Cynthia's primary responsibility is to help families with communication and resources needing access due to the hardships caused by the pandemic. Provide appropriate Covid-19 health education and information with informal counseling, guidance, and follow-up and conduct basic Covid-19 health screenings. My goal is to serve and advocate for individual and community health needs.

Cynthia's Why:
My values align with Student U in believing that all children deserve a high-quality education regardless of their race, religion, language, or socioeconomic backgrounds. I believe that every child has the potential in being a leader when presented with opportunities and prepared with the necessary life and educational skills to do so. Student U is a stepping stone to reach that goal but not only to make an impact on students but also the Durham community.

Cynthia outside of Student U:
Pre-Covid I was a member of a bachata dance team, I enjoy spending time with family and friends but also enjoy spending alone time with a good action or comedy movie. My favorite place to zen is by the ocean during hot summer days.

Advice Cynthia finds valuable:
Always assume the best.


More about Cynthia:

Cynthia has 10 years of experience working in the Durham community and the last 6 years in education.

Student U start date:
October 14, 2020