April Warren

April Warren

Student U Associate Director of Middle School Programming

phone: 919-808-5791 • email: april.warren@studentudurham.org


April's primary responsibility is to oversee all aspects of Student U’s Middle School programming, including our Year-Round Program (YRP) and Summer Academy. More specifically, this includes planning and implementation of programming as well as supervision of part-time middle school staff. April also manages the Student Recruitment process to welcome new classes of Student U students to our community each year.

April's Why:
I believe that all students were created with purpose and incredible potential and that they deserve the right to live into that potential. Our work at Student U encourages us to dream of a world where this is a reality. I also value consistency which is one of my favorite things about working at Student U. We get to see our students over such a long period of time and there is so much brilliance and growth captured in that 11-year journey.

April outside of Student U:
I spend a lot of time outside of Student U investing in my neighborhood and church communities, which also desire to see a more equitable Durham. In my downtime, I also enjoy spending time with my husband, Joss and our dog, Ari.

Advice April finds valuable:
I think our greatest desire as human beings is to feel fully known and fully loved. I have learned that this does not happen overnight but often takes years to break down barriers and peel back layers. It requires humility, vulnerability, and ultimately, trust.



Other organizations April is involved with:
Christ Central Church and Carolina Center for Public Service Advisory Board

UNC-Chapel Hill

Course of study:
Sociology Major, Education Minor

Student U start date:
June 1, 2015