Andrea Rodriguez

Andrea Rodriguez - Bilingual Families Advocate

Student U Bilingual Families Advocate


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Andrea's primary responsibility is facilitating communication between Student U Staff and our Spanish speaking families. Ensuring that the needs of our Spanish speaking students and families are being met.

Andrea's Why:
I value a society where everyone has the opportunity to explore their strengths and passions, and the opportunity to fulfill their goals. Student U recognizes that not all students have access to the same resources and opportunities. I invest in Student U because they are committed to helping students successfully navigate through their education, including college and beyond.

Andrea outside of Student U:
Outside of Student U, I enjoy taking boxing classes, traveling, spending time with friends and family, and listening to podcasts about unsolved mysteries & space.

Advice Andrea finds valuable:
I am still very new to this type of work but some advice I have found valuable is to always do things with intention and urgency and to always give importance to the work that you are doing.




Course of study:
Psychology and Anthropology

Student U start date:
January 14, 2019