Alyzia McAlmon

Alyzia McAlmon

Student U Communications Intern



Alyzia's primary responsibilities is updating our family and community members with the weekly digest. I also work to further tell the stories of our Student U students through interviews and blog posts.

Alyzia's Why:
As a Student U graduate, I aspire to give my peers the same support and motivation as I was given as a student in the program. I have learned to wholeheartedly live by the core values of Student U and work to help others do the same.

Alyzia outside of Student U:
I enjoy traveling; experiencing concerts and music festivals across the country. When I am not traveling, I am exploring the growth of Durham with my family; trying new restaurants and attending local festivals.

Advice Alyzia finds valuable:

Collaboration is key, reinventing the wheel is not always necessary. I like to explore my options through teamwork before I create a new method of doing things. I have learned so much by simply engaging in conversation with those around me.



East Carolina University

Course of study:
Bachelor of Art in Criminal Justice

Professional accomplishments:
I have just recently completed a year-long AJ Fletcher Community Engagement Fellowship with Duke’s Office of Durham Affairs.

Student U start date:
September 2017
Student U Class of 2014