At Student U, we often say “you can’t be what you can’t see.” From its earliest creation, Student U knew that the organization would only succeed if students were inspired by passionate and talented teachers. With the support of community partners, Student U has recruited, hired, trained and retained phenomenal staff who have the honor of working each day with Student U families. Once staff members begin their journey with Student U, many continue to find ways to share their brilliance with the community, taking on leadership roles and partnering with families to expand and develop the organization.


Individuals have served as Student U teachers


Student U’s full-time employees are former Student U teachers


former Student U students have served as Student U teachers and teacher assistants

Teacher Alumni

Student U alumni teachers are working in Durham and around the country to spread the values of Student U and the lessons learned from Student U students. From serving as teachers in Durham to bringing their belief in the power of people to change the world in sectors like higher education, business, law, and healthcare, alumni teachers are making their students proud as they carry the spirit of Student U with them. Student U believes in the power of our alumni to push our movement forward.


Are You A Teacher Alumni?