College Graduates

On Friday, May 18, 2018 we celebrated a historic moment for our organization as we saw our first cohort to the completion of their post-secondary pursuits. The Student U Class of 2014 became the Student U Graduating Class of 2018, and they have achieved the incredible milestone of graduating from college and starting their journeys in the “real world.” We remain committed to supporting each graduates as they continue to grow and become the powerful people we know them to be.

Congratulations to our 2018 College Graduates

Maritzelena Chirinos, Meredith College
Angelica Cohen, UNC Charlotte
Dante Evans, University of Maryland
Chakerya Garland, NCCU
Litehsha Garrett, UNC Greensboro
Ariana Johnson, NCAT
Kameron Johnson, Wingate University
Malcolm Jones, NCAT
Ana Krah, App State University
Christopher Lindsay, UNC Charolette
Nelson Jared Lopez, UNC
Ruvimbo Makonyonga, NCAT
LaTosha Ruffin, UNC Pembroke
Brenda Velzaquez, Durham Tech
Karl Von Zabern, UNC
Tivianna Webster, NCCU
Joy Wright, NCAT

Congratulations to our early 2017 College Graduates

Casey Barr-Rios, NCCU
Francis Dela Cruz, UNC
Alyzia McAlmon, ECU

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