Student U was built by Durham, for Durham.

Student U students and families built Student U and continue to actively create our community. Therefore, Student U belongs to students. It is not defined by a certain program or activity, but rather by a culture and a way of operating within the world that evolves with the brilliance of each new student. Student U does not exist to provide a service to its students but to empower its students to provide a service to their community.

Our Community's Commitment

Making fearless dreams come true is tireless work. We are investing our time to ensure our vision for a Durham where one day all children can succeed becomes a reality.


Hours Worked Annually At Student U By Our Community

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“Student U has six pillars that I learned by heart from reciting the affirmation: share your brilliance, dream fearlessly, respect yourself and others, energize your community, achieve greatness, and discover your best self. I have discovered my best self by reciting these core values daily. They serve as a constant reminder to lead and never follow, to be great in the classroom and workplace, to believe in myself rather than depend on others to believe in me, and to be the change that I wish to see in the world.”

- Alyzia McAlmon, ECU Graduate