Personal Well-being Outcomes

Student U cares about the holistic well-being of students. We know that while developing academic skills is important, keeping our students socially, emotionally, and physically well is just as crucial to their success. Student U works to build community among students as a place where they are affirmed to be the best version of themselves and develop a positive personal identity. Because of this, students and families have access to a full time social worker on staff who works with students on social and emotional wellness. We also have a Learning Specialist on staff who can provide targeted academic interventions to students who may have learning differences or disabilities.

Student U measures impact by both academic and personal well-being indicators. Each summer students take a personal well-being survey that is developed and administered by a professor at North Carolina State University. This survey allows Student U to have a deeper understanding of the strengths and challenges students face outside of the academic realm, and it has consistently shown that Student U students exhibit high levels of efficacy, leadership, self-worth, and social responsibility.


Students feel supported in their own development at Student U


Students are very confident in their academic capabilities


Students report caring for or showing empathy to others is part of who they are


Students are confident in who they are


Students consider their future when making decisions

Financial Security

Student U is partnering with the Latino Community Credit Union (LCCU) to open College Savings Accounts for all of our middle school students. We want our students to be academically and financially prepared for college!

As a part of this program, families may open a savings account with LCCU and deposit money into the student’s account. Student U will match funds up to $100.00 for students who save $200 and contribute $50 if students meet participation requirements each year. Funds may be taken out after a students’ graduation from high school to be used towards college/post-secondary education expenses.

If all requirements and savings are met, from 6th grade through 12th grade, each student will have $2550.00 saved for their first year of college.

Community Engagement

We want our students to know about our community and become role models and change agents at Student U and in the broader Durham community. Beginning in sixth grade, students focus on identity and leadership development, along with their academic skills, in order to gain the confidence and knowledge needed to participate in systems analysis and become advocates for change. Student U students are encouraged to share their brilliance to change the community around them. Our students have shared their brilliance starting a school club for Latinx students, participating in Youth Advisory Boards and developing a healthcare ride-sharing app.

We partner with organizations, like El Centro Hispano, Girls Rock, Book Harvest, SEEDS, Rescue Mission, Racial Equity Institute, and many more, to expand our students learning outside of the classroom.

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There will be so many challenges and obstacles you face in life but hard times do not last. Persevere.”

– Litehsha Garrett, UNC Greensboro Graduate