The W.G. Pearson Center

In 2017, in partnership with the Durham Public Schools, Durham County, and Self-Help Credit Union, Student U became the master tenant of the WGPC and is now preparing to move into the renovated WGPC.  Student U is seeking partners to join together at WGPC to combat systemic racism and structural inequalities in service of a Durham where all children can succeed. Individually, tenants of WGPC will continue their work to achieve their desired goals. Collectively, tenants will form a consortium of like-minded organizations, sharing best-practices and advocating for policies and investments to enhance systems to enable all people to thrive. 

If your organization believes in the potential power of this vision for the WGPC and can commit to the requirements of the WGPC partners outlined in the questionnaire linked below, please complete the form and return it to Amy Salo, Student U’s Chief Operating Officer ( at your earliest convenience. We will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis until July 1st, including inviting applicants to engage in further conversation about space needs, potential partnerships, and financial investment. We are excited to achieve our goal of having the right tenant combination and operating the building at full capacity. We anticipate that tenants will be able to move in as early as September of 2018.

WGPC Space Partners Application.doc

WGPC Event Space Application.doc