The College Program

College Preparation

Student U students have the opportunity to participate in diverse programs that align with their academic needs and interests during the summer. 

COLLEGE ADVISOR Grades 9th - 12th 

Student U’s College Advisor works closely with other Student U full-time staff, especially the High School Program Coordinators, to implement a wide range of programming designed to help families plan, apply, and pay for college. The College Advisor plans college tours, leads weekly College Bound 101 workshops for high school students, leads Parent Camp sessions, organizes a college fair, and hosts individual conferences to meet students’ and families’ needs. 

In addition to working closely with juniors and seniors, the College Advisor also leads sessions for students during their ninth and tenth grade years to focus on the upcoming college application process. The earlier curricula focuses on preparation (participating in community service and leadership opportunities and preparing for standardized tests such as the ACT/SAT), while curricula for eleventh and twelfth graders focuses on the college application process (college essays, choosing the “best fit” college, applying early to a wide range of schools, applying for scholarships/grants, and financing higher education). 

COLLEGE TOURS Grades 9th - 12th 

College Tours, both in-state and out-of-state, are planned and led by the College Advisor and other Student U staff for high school students. By the time each Student U student is a senior in high school, he or she will have visited more than 20 different colleges both inside and outside the state of North Carolina. 

College Promise Program 

Once students enroll in college, they continue to participate in Student U through the College Promise program. Student U’s College Promise program provides academic, social/emotional, and financial support for students during their four years in college.

YEAR-ROUND SUPPORT College Students 

Each semester, Student U’s College Success Coordinators meet with students on their college campuses and connect students to community-based interventions and on-campus supports.

RETREATS College Students and Parents 

Students attend a pre-college retreat, and then two retreats during Winter and Summer Break for each year in college. Students discuss successes, challenges and course selections with Student U staff and external experts. Student U parents also gather twice a year to support one another through the challenges of advocating for and nurturing their children as they transition into adulthood.

Connection to Resources

PEER MENTORSHIP College Students 

In addition to a strong focus on connecting students to resources and supports at the colleges they attend, Student U hires its own experienced college students as College Fellows, who are paid to mentor and support the younger college students on their campuses.


If necessary, students and families are eligible to apply for emergency funds while in college to ensure financial stress does not prevent students from persisting through school. Student U also offers a merit-based scholarship to a few students in each graduating class, Be the Change Scholarship, that goes directly towards their tuition.