Postsecondary Pathway

Nationally, 66% of Latinx students and 71% of African American students will graduate from high school and 11% of low-income, first-generation college students are expected to graduate from college within 6 years. Student U students beat these statistics as a result of their tireless work and commitment. 


  • 100% High School Graduation Rate
  • 92% Enrolled in Postsecondary Education
  • 71% Persisting in Postsecondary Education

This chart shows proficiency levels of Student U students on EOG and EOC tests compared to various segments of the Durham Public School population for the 2016–2017 school year. The data demonstrates the systemic challenges at the heart of why Student U exists and how much more work is required to create a system in which all students can succeed.

Personal Well-Being

Student U recognizes the importance of the whole child. We know that while developing academic skills is important, our students’ social, emotional, and physical well-being is just as crucial to their success.

  • 87% of students feel they have the efficacy to attend college

  • 89% of students feel they could persist through college

  • 87% of students view social responsi-bility as important

  • 80% of students report having high perseverance