Our Partners

Student U strongly believes that our students are most likely to reach their full potential when the resources of the entire Durham community are used to help them grow and develop. Student U exists because leaders from all over the region united around a common goal: building a better future for our community's children.

Students' parents and families: The most important resources for our students are their parents and families. Their families' love and support lay the groundwork for their success, both in and out of the classroom. As the people who know their children the best, families' insight and advocacy are crucial in helping them receive the best education possible. Student U relies heavily on the commitment and guidance of our students' families as we seek to help each student take responsibility for his or her education.

Durham Public Schools: Student U and Durham Public Schools are partners in our students' education. Student U seeks to complement and supplement the education that our students receive in their schools. By integrating the experiences our students have at Student U with their experiences in their schools, we can best put students in a position to succeed. Durham Public Schools provides invaluable support for Student U across all levels of the system, from teachers and guidance counselors to principals and DPS administrators.

Durham Academy: Durham Academy serves as the home for Student U Summer Academy, a constant source of guidance and a powerful advocate for Student U in the Durham community. Members of the Durham Academy community serve as teachers, mentors, board members, and volunteers for Student U. Through its ongoing support of Student U, Durham Academy continues to demonstrate its commitment to ensuring that every child in Durham has the opportunity to receive an excellent education.

Duke University, North Carolina Central University, North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill: The Triangle region is fortunate to have these four world-class universities serving as leaders of the community. In Student U, all four universities have collaborated to demonstrate their deep commitment to the communities that they serve. In addition to providing ongoing logistical and financial support, the knowledge and expertise of numerous individuals at the four schools have been critical in shaping Student U since the very beginning. Most Student U teachers are undergraduate students at one of these three universities.

Programming Partners: APPLES Service Learning Program, Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate Program, Book Harvest, Carolina Theater, Crayons2Calculators, Durham Arts Guild, Durham Catering Company, Durham Chamber of Commerce, Emily K Center, Hidden Voices, i4m, Office of Durham and Regional Affairs, Only Burger, Outsider Art and Collectibles, Partners for Youth, and Teach for America

Oak Foundation, through its grant-making, addresses a wide range of social justice issues and supported Student U in creating our own safeguard policy to ensure our programming strives to prevent abuse and promotes the safety, protection, wellbeing and development of children. Learn more about safegaurding children - Student U Child Safeguarding Policy.